Grade 5
human circulation and breathing Webquest

Jon Yellowlees , Prairie View School

Circulatory System

1. The Heart

2. Blood Vessels

3. Blood

4. Impairments

5. Repairs

6. Artificial Hearts

Respiratory System

1. Components

2. Air Filtering

3. Inhalation/Exhalation

4. Impairment

5. Lung Transplants

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1. Heart Worksheet

2. Blood Vessel Worksheet

3. Blood  Worksheet

4. Circ. System Impairment Worksheet

5. Circ. System Repair Worksheet

6. Artificial Heart Worksheet

7. Resp. System Component Worksheet

8. Air Filtering Worksheet

9. Inhalation and Exhalation Worksheet

10. Resp. System Impairment Worksheet

11. Lung Transplant Worksheet

Grade 1 to 5 Science Webquests

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The Human Body

Welcome to a website that will help you learn more about how your breathing and circulatory systems function!

Click on the websites below in order. Carefully read through the websites from each section and complete the worksheets for that section. As you complete each worksheet, call your teacher over to record your score. Feel free to make any notes that you wish in your science notebook.

SECTION A "the Circulatory System"

Read through this overview of the circulatory system first.

1. The Heart
Heart 1

Heart 2
Heart 3
Heart Facts
Chambers and Valves
Heart Worksheet

2. The Blood Vessels
Blood Vessels 1

Blood Vessels 2
Blood Vessel Worksheet

3. The Blood
Blood Facts

Blood  Worksheet

4. Circulatory System Impairments
Keep Your Heart Happy

Factors You Can Control
Cholesterol and Heart Disease
How Arteries Get Blocked
Circ. System Impairment Worksheet

5. Circulatory System Repairs
How Bypass Surgery is Done
Circ. System Repair Worksheet

6. Artificial Hearts
Building a Better Heart

Artificial Heart Worksheet


Read through this overview of the respiratory system first.

1. Respiratory System Components
Lungs 1

Lungs 2
Resp. System Component Worksheet

2. Air Filtering
The Nose
Air Filtering Worksheet

3. Inhalation and Exhalation

Inhalation and Exhalation Worksheet

4. Respiratory System Impairment
Love Your Lungs

Respiratory System Impairment Worksheet

5. Lung Transplants
Lung Transplant Basics

Lung Transplant Worksheet


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